March 14th, 2011

Because I am bored and I miss him... so yeah.

My Personality :

  • I’m loud
  • I’m obnoxious
  • I’m sarcastic
  • I’m cocky
  • I cry easily
  • I have a bad temper
  • For the most part, I don’t like people 
  • I’m easy to get along with
  • I have more enemies than friends
  • I’ve smoked
  • I’ve smoked weed (Unsuccessfully mind-you)
  • I drink coffee
  • I clean my room daily

My Appearance :

  • I wear makeup (sometimes)
  • I wear a piece of jewelery at all times
  • I wear contacts
  • I wear glasses (before)
  • I have/had braces 
  • I change my hair color often
  • I straighten my hair often
  • I have piercing(s)
  • I have small feet 

Relationships :

  • I’m in a relationship now (in a very LONG relationship)
  • I’m single
  • I’m crushing
  • I’m in love
  • I’m always scared of being hurt
  • An ex has physically abused me, at least once
  • I’ve told someone I loved them when I didn’t
  • I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did
  • I’ve been in love more than two times
  • I believe in love at first sight

Friendships :

  • I have a best friend
  • I have at least ten friends
  • I’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend
  • I’ve been in a serious fight with a friend
  • I can trust at least five people with my life

Experiences :

  • I’ve been on a plane
  • I’ve been on a train
  • Someone close to me has died
  • I’ve taken a taxi
  • I’ve taken a city bus
  • I’ve taken a school bus
  • I’ve gone bungee jumping
  • I’ve made a speech
  • I’ve been in some sort of club
  • I’ve won an award
  • I’ve spent 24 hours on the computer straight

Music :

  • I listen to R&B
  • I listen to country 
  • I listen to pop
  • I listen to techno
  • I listen to rock
  • I’m one of those people who play songs repeatedly until I hate it
  • I hate the radio <----HELL NO!!! NEVER.
  • I buy CDs

Television :

  • I spend at least six hours a day watching TV
  • I watch soap operas daily
  • I’m in love with Days of Our Lives
  • I’ve seen and liked The OC
  • I’ve seen and liked One Tree Hill
  • I’ve seen and liked America’s Next Top Model <----yesssss!
  • I’ve seen and liked Popular
  • I’ve seen and liked 24
  • I’ve seen and liked CSI
  • I’ve seen and liked Everw

Hair :

  • I’ve been brown 
  • I’ve had streaks
  • I’ve cut my hair in the past year
  • I’ve dyed my hair in the past year
  • I’ve been blonde
  • I’ve been red
  • I’ve been light brown
  • I’ve been medium brown
  • I’ve been blue/green 
  • I’ve gotten my hair thinned
  • I use conditioner
  • I’ve used Silk Therapy
  • I’ve used oil treatments
  • I’ve curled my hair
  • I’ve straightened my hair
  • I’ve ironed my hair
  • I’ve braided my hair

School :

  • I’ve yelled at a teacher
  • I’ve been suspended
  • I’ve had an in-school suspension
  • I’ve been sent to the principals office
  • I’ve walked out of class
  • I’ve skipped an entire day of school
  • I’ve skipped a whole month of one certain class
  • I’ve failed a test
  • I’ve cheated on a test
  • I’ve helped someone else cheat on a test
  • I’ve failed Art
  • I’ve failed PE
  • I’ve failed Math
  • I’ve failed Science
  • I’ve failed another class
  • A teacher has called my parents <--- haha. yeah right!