April 12th, 2011

A Little Thing Called Love (English subs)

I wanted to share this out to my friends and family who's looking forward to watching a feel good asian (Thai) movie. Watching this movie was fun. It was heart warming and simple, didn't entail me to think too much or analyze anything. I will be reviewing this and posting it here in the near future but as of now, I'm happy to share the EDITED version of the subs. 

The initial sub was quite chaotic but still understandable so I took the liberty of personally editing it. Please bear with me if there are missed spot timing or lines, since I am not a thai-speaker I only based my understanding on the original subs and the acting done on the screen. If there are any mistakes or correction please do send me a message and I'll fix it up again. Only one person was able to help me out on QC-ing this sub namely sweetserenity.

I hope you guys would get to enjoy this as much as I did.