April 30th, 2011

31 Days Movie Challenge

    RULES:  You give the movie, post it in your wall once a day, along with a picture and state the reason.




  1. The ever usual movie shindig: What is your most favorite movie EVER?
  2. A movie that made you bawl your tears out like there is no tomorrow.
  3. Book turned into movie that you liked better than the written version.
  4. A movie that made you stay awake for at least 3 nights.
  5. A movie that touched your heart and... soul?
  6. A movie that you couldn't finish, pay attention to or even get past the 30 minute time frame.
  7. Musical movie that you appreciated for a long time.
  8. Book turned into movie that you swore to murder the director for ruining a perfectly good read.
  9. An indie film you would be recommending.
  10. A movie from your childhood that you cannot forget.
  11. First film you've seen in the movie house.
  12. A foreign film that's very colorful.
  13. A horror film you liked.
  14. A horror film that scared the crap out of you.
  15. A movie that stirred your inner desires.
  16. A movie that changed your life.
  17. An animated movie that you fantasized about.
  18. A movie that made you fall asleep.
  19. A movie you watch whenever you're heart broken.
  20. A movie you hate.
  21. A movie that made you think too much.
  22. A movie that cheers you up.
  23. A local movie you’re not ashamed of announcing you've seen.
  24. A movie you've been dying to watch but ended up not seeing.
  25. A heartwarming movie you have been hung over with for at least 2 weeks.
  26. A movie you've watched with your friends that you could never forget.
  27. A movie that you watched on a date.
  28. A movie that made you want to pull your hair out after watching.
  29. A movie you watched in the spur of the moment without knowing the story or checking the trailer.
  30. The best feel good movie you've seen this year.
  31. The oldest film you've watched, in VHS or Betamax.
Issued by biniBningPunkista